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God Talks to YOU! Bible Study

Studying the word of God is very important in order to keep your relationship with God consistent and strong. The word of God should be “daily bread” to the Christian (Matthew 6:11). Which means that we must “search the scriptures daily” Acts 17:11 to be vitally connected with the source of spiritual life and power. It is often said, you are what you eat and that saying is true in the spiritual sense as well. Jesus said “we must eat his flesh and drink his blood or we will have no LIFE in us. With that said, a Bible reading plan is a beneficial method to keep you in the Word and strengthen your walk with the Lord. You are invited to try Akeem J. Brett’s Bible reading plan and go through your Bible from Genesis to Revelation (cover to cover) in only 30 days. This requires time, dedication and sacrifice. Each number represents a day and it may take 2 or 3 hours to get through one Bible reading plan for the day. The time spent listening to music, watching television or even idling can be used to make God a priority and prepare for His soon return. Your spiritual life will be stronger, you will come closer to Jesus and realize a change in your character as you hear Him speaking to your heart. You can also go through this plan using an audio Bible if you are not much of a reader.

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